The dancing extravaganza reaches its climax in February, when Rio's world-famous carnival spills out onto the streets. For a week in the "magnificent city," as Rio's residents call it, industries and institutions do not work. Even the parliament of the country takes a festive "time-out". Contests for the best samba performance take place in all cities and towns in Brazil, but the indigenous people of Rio, the cariocas, say that whoever has not seen the carnival in Rio has not seen a real tropical carnival. For four nights, from sunset until sunrise, the "sambodrome" (a specially built complex with bleachers on both sides of the road on which the carnival processions take place) is a continuous drumbeat, with thousands of masked dancers in motion. One samba school succeeds another, with the best one receiving a prize according to a jury. These days at least 1 million foreigners and visitors from other cities in the country come to Rio (admission tickets for the carnival procession are $190).

Carnival revives ancient pagan rituals that existed long before the arrival of the Portuguese in Brazil. Although officially about 90% of Brazilians are considered Catholics, the inhabitants of Rio enjoy great popularity of macumba (a kind of voodoo - black magic) and candomblé (white magic). Some practice paganism quite openly. On New Year's Eve, worshippers of the sea goddess Ymenya hold a solemn ceremony in honor of their idol. Dressed in white, they set sail in a small boat decorated with flowers and containing gifts for the goddess, lipstick, and French champagne.

Brazil, Brazil.

But even a holiday sometimes makes you want to take a break. Do not be afraid to leave Rio! The rich nature of the country will give you no less experience than all the pleasures of the exuberant city. The most attractive routes today are considered Manaus, Buzios, Du Fragi, Foz do Iguazu. Manaus is the center of so-called "eco-tourism" and is located in the center of the para que serve o excel. Here you will be offered exotic tours through the Amazon jungle, crocodile hunting or cannibal fish. Buzios invites fishing enthusiasts. In Du Fragi you will find one of the most prestigious resorts in America: Horseback riding, golf courses, courts, surfing, and yachts are at your disposal. Foz do Iguazu is located at the junction of three countries - Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. On the territory of the national park, among wild canyons, you can see more than 200 water cascades, including the famous Iguazu waterfall.

The development of tourism in Brazil sometimes takes almost curious forms. Thus, there are "medical" tourist tours, which combine sightseeing with ... cosmetic surgery. The Brazilian school of cosmetic surgery is considered one of the best in the world, and the cost of operations here is half as much as in the United States.

Thousands of people from all over the world come to Brazil today to see with their own eyes, not on a television screen, its unique nature, bustling cities, the warm sea. It is gratifying to know that, in recent years, there are more and more of our compatriots among tourists with Brazilian visas. Russian speech can be heard in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador. For many, Ostap Bender's dream to see the city of "samba, soccer and hot mulatto" has already become a reality. If you do not mind following their example, cast all doubts aside. Rio de Janeiro is waiting for you.